Two-Hand Brownies

I put away my kitchen-aid mixer today and it FEELS SO GOOD. On more days than not, my fire-engine red mixer sits on my counter-top like the ultimate trophy of adulthood. I have conversations with my married girlfriends about how amazing all of our kitchen appliances are, get our rocks off over our vacuums, and have nothing but good things to say about all things electronic. But I found myself asking, what would it feel like to make all of these sweet treats and recipes without having all of those seemingly easy domestic appliances on my hands … well, I’m happy. Tonight I felt more connected with what I was doing than any other night this month (or this year!)! I made these brownies with my own two-hands.

Celebrate your ability to create! Find your inner resourcefulness and hone in on all things human.

Two-Hand Brownies
10 T. — Salted Butter
1 1/4 C. — Granulated Sugar
3/4 C. — Cocoa Powder (Heaping)
1 t. — Coarse Fresh Ground Salt
2 — Eggs
1 t. — Vanilla Extract
1/2 C. — All-Purpose Flour

1. Combine sugar, butter, cocoa, and salt into double boiler. Melt together … and don’t be alarmed if your mixture isn’t super smooth! If you don’t have a double boiler (like me), then you can combine your ingredients into a glass bowl, fill a large pot up with 1-2″ of water, and place the bowl on top of your water filled pot. Just make sure that your ingredient bowl isn’t touching the water in your pot.
2. Add your eggs (one at a time) and vanilla extract. Make sure to stir with fervor!
3. Add flour and stir until smooth (about 40 strokes).
4. Pour into glass pan (8″x 8″) and bake for 30 minutes at 325*.
5. Pull out of oven, let cool slightly, pour a glass of milk … and enjoy!

**If you’re feeling creative and want something a little outside of the box, we like to add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and a little bit of cayenne for zing!


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