Sweet White Bread

Sweet White Bread

This may be the easiest, simplest white bread recipe that you’ll ever make. With only six ingredients this light-hearted bread boasts sweetness and simple flavor. We’ve been on a budget lately and have found that making our own bread saves us at least $20 a month! Woot! Woot! While our favorite bread machine recipe is a Rosemary Parmesan (coming soon!) … finding something basic was crucial to our inevitable PB&Js after bar hopping (or bicycle riding).

Wheat bread is a staple in our household, while white bread is a simple treat. This recipe, however, is relatively easy to manipulate. Try substituting 1/2 of the white flour for wheat flour …. your loaf will be denser, but the flavor will be nuttier.

Sweet White Bread
3 C. — Unbleached white bread flour
1 5/16oz — Active Dry Yeast
3 T. — Sugar
1 C. — 110* Degree Water
1 t. — Salt
1/4 C. — Vegetable Oil

1. Combine water, yeast, and sugar in loaf pan. Let rest for about 10 minutes while ingredients marry (you may see your concoction “foam”). I like to leave my pan in the bread machine during this process so as not to loose any heat. Mind you, your bread machine should be turned off during this step of the process.
2. Add flour, vegetable oil, and salt. Turn on your bread machine! I like to use the “basic bread” setting while on the “medium” browning setting. I don’t like my crust to be soft, but rather a crispy crunch.
3. Pull out of bread machine pan. Let rest for about 15 minutes … unless you can’t resist.

**If you cut into the loaf right away you’ll lose a lot of the moisture that lies within your fresh bread. And that’s OK, as long as you’re planning on using your loaf for cooking rather than enjoying on its own. We usually can’t wait to open our golden treasure so we use our leftovers for croutons, breadcrumbs, and breakfast casseroles.


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